Human Resources/Careers

Human Resources / Careers

My name is Saundra Bradley, and my department is Human Resources.  I am the HR Administrator.  My primary responsibilities are with the staff.  I am the keeper of their records.  I recruit persons for available positions at Pathways Career Services.  In that process, they are interviewed by myself and two other staff members before they meet with the Executive Director.  Once they are hired, their references have been checked, and all the required documents have been obtained and verified, they become members of the staff.  They are trained on the Relias System and tested.  I also make sure their criminal background checks are completed.  I check their records regularly to make sure that their health records, training, and certificates are current. I set up training classes and health updates, such as CPI, CPR/ First Aid, and to get TB shots and a general physical.  If there are any issues with the staff where someone has to be reprimanded or fired, it is my duty to handle all situations.  I create forms, keep accurate, up-to-date organizational charts, send out company memos when necessary, and handle other administrative functions.

I am in contact with ADP, the company that houses our personnel information and pays our taxes monthly.  I am responsible for the input and maintenance of all Staff files in the ADP system.  I also make sure the company is up-to-date with OSHA posters that have to be posted in a conspicuous place for all staff to see.  Every year, I have the Fire Inspection, Sprinkler System, and Business License updated. I also go to the tax assessor’s office to pay the yearly taxes on the building, and I do an audit of all furniture, computers, and fixtures in the building. 

Day to day, my job can change where a new duty is added to my responsibilities, or someone else may become responsible for a duty I might have. It’s all teamwork as long as the job gets done.


  • Day Habilitation Instructor
  • CLS Staff
  • Administration Assistant



Submit a completed application via email or fax

Your application will be reviewed and we will schedule an interview

If accepted, we will need the following from you:

• A background check

• A physical

• A TB test and

• Your COVID-19 test results