What We Do

What We Do

COMMUNITY ACCESS SERVICES are designed to assist the individual in acquiring, retaining, or improving self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills required for active community participation and independent functioning outside the individual’s home or family home.

PREVOCATIONAL SERVICES involve the provision of learning and work experiences where a member can develop general, non-job-task-specific strengths and skills that contribute to employability in paid employment in integral, community settings.

PRE EMPLOYMENT ANALYSIS – Career Assessment; Vocational Evaluations

JOB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES – Job Shadowing; Job Placement

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES enable waiver individuals to access non-medical services, activities, resources, and organizations typically utilized by the general population.  These services are only provided as independent, stand-alone waiver services when transportation is not otherwise included as an element of another waiver service.

NATURAL SUPPORT TRAINING SERVICES provide training and education to individuals who provide unpaid support, training, companionship, or supervision to individuals.

SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT offers ongoing support to individuals once job placement is achieved to ensure retention and successful transition to the workforce.

JOB COACHING enables a person as they prepare and integrate into competitive employment.